We pay attention to the details

At the disposal of customers, each of our cars has:

Sparkling and still water
iPhone and USB chargers
Wet wipes
Sweet Treats
Free WiFi

About us

3 pillars of the Taxi S Class business:
• 1 pillar - Taxi S Class - broadly defined S Class transports
• 2 pillar - Chauffeur Vip S Class - individual transports in VIP standard
• 3 pillar - S Class group transports - transports for 30/50/60-person groups

Taxi S Class, in parallel with the tradition of professional services, reaches for the achievements of new technologies. The process of booking and optimizing each order is planned in detail using convenient, intuitive applications. Drivers are constantly in contact with the Operations Manager, who instantly adapts the route and schedule to unforeseen circumstances.

5-star service

90% of Taxi S Class Business Partners are the most prestigious 4 and 5 star hotels. The corporation has also been servicing foreign investors and international brands for years. Among the regular customers are also well-known celebrities, who are surrounded by regular care in VIP standard.

If you are looking for a business partner for your company, which will take care of comprehensive transportation and at the same time will do it at the highest level taking into account all your needs and with attention to detail. We invite you to cooperate with us!

Top quality

Each driver is a showcase of the quality of Taxi S Class. Impeccable, elegant attire, proficiency in communication in a minimum of the only foreign language and individual attention to the needs of the customer make the journey take on a new dimension of comfort and safety.
The brand and its founder are ambitiously looking to the future, constantly developing the corporation with new segments to take even better care of customers' needs.

Our employees are qualified drivers with many years of experience in transporting people, including foreigners. Above all, they are characterized by professionalism, while maintaining a friendly disposition and high personal culture.

High travel comfort
Vehicle cleanliness