Frequently asked questions

Our customers often ask questions of drivers during cab rides.
We decided to answer them here.
Here are the 6 most frequently asked questions:

We currently have more than 60 cars, in addition, we also have so-called V Class buses specially adapted for VIP clients.
With any premium driver, a suit is mandatory.
Our drivers are already keeping track of all the information about a flight. They wait for the passenger at the arrival hall, holding a tablet with the traveler's name written on it. After greeting the customer, they take care of placing the luggage, then open the car door, so as to provide full comfort to the passenger at the very beginning of the journey with Taxi S Class.
Cab S Class offers 24-hour transportation services. Our drivers run both during the day and also at night.
We make ~1000 transfers per day.
Yes, we run all over Europe. Our drivers often pick up their passengers from the airport in Berlin or Prague, among others.